A New method of time wasters? for CMD models


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I dont know where to put this topic, But still im gonna share it anyways; Today i have this guy messaged me, I'm not sure if he is a time waster or not, but i had the feeling he wants me to take pity of him and act like he is the victim so he can have a free preview of my cam and wont pay my show after seeing my cam, Because when he said 30 mins show then ask for discount then ask for cam preview, sounds like its too good to be true about that amount of minutes..I do cam preview just to prove to them I am real and have HD cam rather than posting pics on the CMD ad because im very paranoid that they might steal my pics from there even if its watermark..And also after i said my price, he asked me where i am from and i feel insulted or is that racism,just because im asian means i need to only charge around 1-2$ per minute??
this is the convo we had ( sorry its very long convo and i just put up the important lines and also i like to talk so yeah looks like a chatting mode)

dori: hey
me: hello hun
dori: om great
dori: im
me: im fine thanks for asking
me: you looking for a show?
dori: yes
me: mmm i see bb what kind of show you looking for?
dori: anal
me: Oh im sorry bb i dont do anal show
dori: its ok
dori: lol
dori: we do something else maybe?
me: Any other show you like bb?
dori: what there is?
( inserts the show i can provide for him)
dori: ok masturbate i guess
dori: and tease
dori: strip tease
dori: 30 min
( inserts the price i charge per min which is more than 2$)
dori: offf
dori: pfff
dori: where u from btw?
me: how much budget you want bb
dori: 60
dori: dont take my min down
me: what do you mean bb?
dori: u ask how much budget i have
dori: normaly models take my min down
dori: minutes
me: like how?
dori: they say 20 min or 25
me: i see
dori: can i see u?
me: I dont give preview of cam sorry
dori: nooooooooo
me: bb you ask too much i give you discount
dori: y not
dori: i know
me: hun, if you like to pay cheap you cant ask me free cam preview
me: I am verified model of CMD bb
dori: i understand
dori: u
dori: i dont want to see u naked
dori: just face and body shape
dori: i did it once with girl and she hade black and white camera
me: the model show black and white its because most models doesnt like giving free preview
me: before a show
dori: no
dori: she dont give preview
dori: she show me full show with B&W
dori: 1 girl scam me to
me: like what?
dori: took money and dissapear
me: aww i see
dori: but i got money back lol
me: how?
dori: i talked with the admins of the site
dori: she didnt answer me
dori: she didnt answer them also
me: oh i see, may i know her name is?
dori: ohh
dori: long time ago
me: i see
dori: not on cmd
dori: diffrent site
dori: brb
dori: 5 min
( After he said that he did not come back...so i log off as well and did not wait for him )
**NOTE: I DID NOT give him free cam preview and i guess he realized that
im not stupid to fall for that..LOL!
How do you answer this kind of situation about when they ask for free cam preview?


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I had exactly the same guy yesterday, he's location was Israel as far as I remember?;-p

I got one solution that works best for 'BB guys' asking for preview.

...I just say that I can't because my pimp would kill me for calling him for free lol

After that some of them buy a show straightaway, some disappear in a sec