A couple of Streamate models who perform in their cars


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There are a couple of Streamate models who perform in their cars.

One regularly does a couples Gold Show, claims to be inviting the horny drivers parked next to her SUV into her car to get a blow job, a 3-some or whatever. It's really quite a spectacle! LOL If you look for her she's never on the home page, works within the 'members only' area of Streamate.

Several others girls drive around with their cam running, stopping in parking lots to do shows. For a change of pace some broadcast from their car in the garage (using wifi?).

My BF has unlimited data on his phone and uses it as a mobile hotspot for his computer. If you've got 4G service I think it's fast enough to stream video. Maybe your laptop having an i7 processor is the key?

Hopefully someone who's doing remote/mobile shows will share the details of how it's done. Please =)