2 Newbie/Dumb Member Questions


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SO I just bought the small package of 200 tokens on MFC, just so I can try get a better "feel" for MFC and see if I like it.
2 questions I have so far are

1) How do I see the price per minute for a model's private show? ANy other cam site I have had tokens/credits on, I have been able to click "Start private" and before accepting to start the private it usually gives the price per minute and any other details such as if there is a minimum requirement in minutes to stay in said show.

2) Is there a way to set myself as invisible/hidden in the user list from other users (I don't mind the model seeing me in her own room)? Or is this an extra VIP package, or is it just not possible?

Thanks in advance


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1) private rates on mfc are set by the site not the model. You have two options, true pvt whivh is 80 tokens a minute and regular pvt which is 60 tokens a minute. In regular private people can spy on her camera, but they cant see your chat or cam. Both types will give you a recording you can rewatch as much as u like. You can change what type of privates you want this in your account settings. Models can turn of one or both types of privates or set a minimum amount you must have in your account before going private. Typically its a good idea to check the models profile/whiteboard about private, and ask before u send a pvt request. 200 tokens may not be enough to go private with, "short" privates that take models away from their chat room can be rude/problematic. Some models may require a tip before going private, everyone does this a bit differently.

2) mfc is really community oriented so there's no real way to hide the fact that you're present from other members in a chat room. You can opt to watch cams from the lounge or pm window which will mean you dont appear in the room. Models can see who is watching in pm but not from the lounge. Some models are ok with people just sticking to pm window but many will either expect tipping for pm privileges or not allow pms for chit chat. In general we really appreciate folks who come chat and participate in public chat, its the mainstay of MFC. If members are pming you, you can fix this by making pms friends only.

Welcome to mfc!