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    Hasn't anyone over at Livejasmin considered a 'taking a break' button

    Hasn't anyone over at Livejasmin considered a 'taking a break' button like they've added on Streamate? It's the symbol for 'pause' on a DVD player or iPod. (SM studio models may not have a 'take a break' button offered to their models) It's a marvelous feature for just what you're talking about...
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    I cammed on Livejasmin for 2-3 years

    I cammed on Livejasmin for 2-3 years in total, some years ago, before they came up with the crazy requirements especially picture quality requirements. I tried to talk to them admins, several times, explaining i only own a webcam i can take pictures with & nobody to take pictures for me with a...
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    MaturesCam - MILF Site

    So I came across this camming site and it looks perfect for a MILF like myself. So I clicked on the "Models Wanted" link at the bottom of the page and it took me here: - Influencery 80% payouts look pretty damn good. But the link takes me to Is Jasmin...
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    help with webcam on chataurbate

    Hey guys, I'm pretty now and I'm doing private camming rn but I'm still trying to get chaturbate set up. I know for a fact my cam and microphone work well and reliably, but when my room is loading on chaturbate, it simply can't detect my cam. I'm never asked for camera permissions either. Their...
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    wondering about myfreecams

    I use MFC regularly and I have better luck using the MFC software rather than the browser broadcaster. The site says if you have a slower internet connection, the software is going to be better for your broadcast. As far as tokens, how soon after you were tipped did you check your Token Stats...
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    wondering about myfreecams

    so I started broadcasting on but I have come across some issues on the site 1.I seem to have bandwidth issues since the cam...seems to drop in and out whenever people watch my cam. I downloaded the software to run the web cam....and it seems to not drop out now that I have done...
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    For those of you who are on Streamate.....

    she also doesn't copy and paste the same generic message over and over like the other reps Liz is great I hope they pay her well she gets the job done
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    For those of you who are on Streamate.....

    If you have ANY issues, dont contact Streamate support, contact Liz - [email protected] She is soooooo helpful and responds in a timely manner. She can do the following for you: - Resolve an issue for you quicker then support - Actually DEAL with the matter rather then respond without actually...
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    I like streamate mainly.

    I like streamate mainly. i also like naked they pay 50% and the privates you get like $3 per min. and if the guys hasnt bought credits he cant chat. but a lot of them dont like to spend their credits
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    I like Naked the pay is high

    I like Naked the pay is high and freeloaders cant chat since only people who have bought credits are allowed to chat. And privates pay very well since Naked charges members $6 per min. I feel by the site being more expensive it brings higher quality clientele. Plus daily pay is a sweet bonus.
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    So come on, which is your favourite camsite, and WHY?

    I like SM because I make more there than I did at MFC or CB, and I don't have to deal with a bunch of freeloaders and their dumbass comments.
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    So come on, which is your favourite camsite, and WHY?

    I predominately use MFC, maybe a day a week at the weekend to get the $1000 twice a month, and the rest of the time I spend mostly making videos. I've tried CB, didn't seem so good, and have dabbled with the other sites. I guess the main reason I like MFC is I've been there a long time so have...
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    Where to sell videos?

    I am looking for a website to sell contents , where there is traffic and that pays with payoneer? Am I asking too much maybe? I am waiting for yours suggestions!!
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    ATTN ifriends model

    It has been slower then usual. There have been a couple of weeks I didn't make payout. But I also wasn't on a lot. Generally, I'm just over 300 a week then take off my 10%. I'm not sure what time of the day you're working. But I have found if it's slow I will post on the status wall, to nudge me...
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    ATTN ifriends model

    I know what u say..i wrote about that too few days a go ...the site is like a ghost...i dunno what is happening ..try to stay on other sites too. This is what i do . I dont count on ifriends anymore......
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    ATTN ifriends model

    Hi! I was wondering if any of you that are on ifriends, has noticed a HUGE drop in visits? It has been so empty in my room now for the last 2 months! I generally don't discuss what I make, but, for 2 months now, I have been working two shifts a day, 5-6 days a week, and have barely made the...
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    Clip4sale costum

    I don't do request for clips especially costumes. Costumes can be expensive and I don't see the point in buying a costume just to make a video clip. If I was getting a lot of request for a certain costume for cam shows then I would consider buying a costume and then doing a video clip and maybe...
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    Clip4sale costum

    Hello to all! I have a question for you. I just started to work on clipforsale and users are requiring many costum video. I can give first hand regarding prices costum? just to make me one idea. Thanks
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    I've sold quite a few videos on manyvids.

    I've sold quite a few videos on manyvids. I think it is a great site. You can also sell skype shows, snapchat or kik, have a fund, and clothes.
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    Do you just put it up as an option when you are camming?

    Do you just put it up as an option when you are camming? God I really need to find time to cam.