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    Any site without free chat?

    Hello, no one could be so kind to give me some advices. I read about Imlive, but I would like to have more info. Tks in advance for your time and attention
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    Any site without free chat?

    Hi there, do u know any sites withou free chat? Can u suggest me if u know? Thank u so much!
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    I like streamate for the simple fact

    I like streamate for the simple fact that....even Afer the 65% they take off ..Ive made more money on there then on anyother site ive ever worked on....( And I tried a LOT of sites) and lik eyou said..unlike CB and MFC... You dont have 10 people tipping for 10000 in the room...on SM if you wanna...
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    Video clip feature on Streamate

    Im tottaly pist! 3 mins is ALOT ! I never show ANYTHING for free , but now they can see EVERYTHING from my 3 EFFIN MINUTE CLIP! Im pist !
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    Are you for the 3min clip feature on your Streamate page taken from your private shows?

    Yes, totally! No thanks! I should get the choice of showing or not a private clip to potential clients!
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    Video clip feature on Streamate

    Today a client said he could watch a clip (3min) from me for 2.99$. I emailed Streamate to find out what this is about. This is the answer I got: "Thank you for contacting us. Here's a little more information about the video clips feature. The video gallery is an automated feature that pulls...
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    ifriends is very slow

    ifriends is VERY slow but I make a couple hundred a week sometimes...pays a couple bills but sure as hell don't pay rent. Good site if you do other things elsewhere and then get the occasional show...I rarely do free chat (sometimes once a week but it isn't worth it most of the time) But...
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    I work on ifriends

    I work on ifriends, and it doesn't get a lot of traffic, but it's the only site I cam on. I can't even imagine having a $3500 week payout there! I have never even made $1000 a week in the 2 years I've been on the site! I do like the site, but wish I made more money from it. I m signed up with...
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    How's the traffic on iFriends?

    I worked there for 10yrs I was a top model for 6 of the 10 yrs and even being the top biggest money maker my biggest weeks ever were 3500 a week and that was at 50% This was yrs ago and I slowly watched there business dwindle away to nothing.. Now there is no traffic and it is HORRIBLE .. Don't...
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    How's the traffic on iFriends?

    so I have a account on iFriends I never use it I am thinking about it how's the traffic on there I really need a new cam site
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    I've never had any problems with Cam4

    I've never had any problems with Cam4, ever! i'm glad things worked out
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    My friend is trying to get her account verified on cam4

    A lady friend of mine is trying to get her account verified on cam4, but it has been over a week ago that she applied. Is that normal, I don't remember it took so long with me ? thx
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    Question about cam4.

    Wow that a lot of cash! I am having trouble with cam4 and payoneer and support has yet to get back to me. let me know how it goes
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    Question about cam4.

    Good evening. I got my payoneer card today, and I applied for it via the cam4 site. I went to select on payoneer to do my payment, and it shows selected. When I went to the payoneer site, it told me that I already have the account set up. However when I went to request the payment via payoneer...
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    If you use the crazyticket app on Chaturbate to do a group show

    If you use the crazyticket app on Chaturbate to do a group show, there is an option to give moderators a free ticket. Seems they have to leave and re-join the room to get the ticket.
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    Chaturbate Mod in Private and video upload problems

    The only answer I have for you is no. you can't invite a mod into a private. they can spy on your private for 6 tokens/minute, but they have to pay like anyone else. if a customer is paying for a private show, they might not like the fact that someone else is in the private with them and may...
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    Chaturbate Mod in Private and video upload problems

    Hi Is it possible to invite a mod into a private show or group show on chaturbate? If so, how do you actually do it, I couldn't see any way? Also, I contacted chaturbate support (but they pasted me the stock info on ideo uploads) who were no assistance on why some of my videos are pixelated...
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    Membership Sites/ Members Area

    Hi all it's me Savanna and I was just wondering who could possibly help me figure out where to find and insert a member's area into my website? I am in desperate need of some friendly guidance.... Thanking you in advance.
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    question about chaturbate

    I don't think it tells you who has tokens, but it tells you who has spent tokens in the past 24 hours, and those are dark blue or purple. Usually those guys have tokens to spend.
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    question about chaturbate

    hey girls and guys how to recognize a clients who actually are having tokens on account? is there a specific color for them or something else? tnx