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    Chaturbate is having problems paying some girls

    Chaturbate is having problems paying some girls. Two of the ladies I follow on Tumblr are saying they are each out almost 1500$ and chaterbate isn't replying to them at all.
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    Was just checking out chaturbate

    Was just checking out chaturbate... There was couplr on there just doing it allll. There are almost 4000 in this couples room. THEN I NOTICE it says.. This user DOESNT accept tokens? Really?? I set up a profile there the other day but thinking who the hell can compete with that when they can get...
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    I am registered with both Myfreecams and Chatterbate

    I am registered with both MFC and Chatterbate, but only worked on Chatterbate one time and never made a single token! I did make some on MFC, but not much. If you are not going to be nude, I would think Chatterbate is better, only because they seem to have stricter rules for what you can do...
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    Streamate worth it?

    I've seen you on SM and I just wanna say I think you're amazingly cute! I also cam on SM as my main site. I haven't had the problems that you speak of though. I know a lot of girls do though. As long as your specs are all good I'm not sure what the issue could be. I don't know what I'd do...
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    Streamate worth it?

    Hi! I'm pretty new to modeling and I love it but I am not completly satisfied with Streamate. After signing up here I 've noticed that a number of models seem to feel the same. I have had issues such as being kicked in the middle of a show, the encoder causing delays in my broadcast and more...
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    Flirt4free Party Chat

    its exactly like a gold show on streamates. If you do group chat its a little better. You can do a show in chat while people are giving tips im pretty sure when i was on there i had like a 2 hour group chat show and made decent money.... Flirt is just a mixture of a token site with a perminute...
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    Flirt4free Party Chat

    basically when u set the amount you want to start a party chat.. each member pledges an amount to reach your goal. If you reach the amount your suppose to give them a show.. if not you just dont get any of the coins they pledged. I recomend starting low then up it once you get more experience on...
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    Flirt4free Party Chat

    Can someone explain to me how this feature works. I tried it once and I was extremely confused... I saw a timer, saw 1 user plegding, then I got an alert that time was running out. And yeah, I could not update my topic.
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    You can stream live on niteflirt?

    You can stream live on niteflirt? I have an account there but I didn't even know you could be on live! Like IMLIVE?? If that's true...Awesome! Thank you so much!!
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    I already and have been on Imlive almost 3 years

    I already and have been on Imlive almost 3 years. lol I am not leaving IMLIVE. Maybe I wasn't clear in my original post. What I am asking is... Which site would someone who has worked both MFC AND CB recommend to work same time im working imlive. Hope that makes sense.
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    Chaturbate vs Myfreecams

    IMLIVE.....I have been there going on 3 years now, I love the site and your only nude when your getting paid, I work other sites while doing imlive and I have 2 computers, I have seen the other sites you mentioned...I dont see free nude shows as a way to make any real money, check out the...
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    Chaturbate vs Myfreecams

    Hey, ya'll! I'm wondering if anyone has worked on both and which do you prefer and why. I'm going to buy a new computer today and since this one I'm using now isn't totally dead yet I am going to work Imlive and either mfc or chaturbate at same time. I WILL be following IMLIVES Site rules which...
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    I am not the biggest fan of chaturbate

    I am not the biggest fan of chaturbate, it is NOT because the "free sex, naked models" or anything similar. You don't have to pay to see naked ladies on the internet at all. If someone does not want to pay to fap...they are not going to. In a way, it's kinda out job to make it WORTH paying for...
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    Chaturbate Camming

    I have been looking at the site, I see enough free sex, naked models and guys just sitting in a girls room jacking off then leaving, I dont have to pay to see naked ladys, is it possible to make this a full time job or just some makeup money.
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    Chaturbate Camming

    I love camming on Chaturbate, it has such a great feel to it. The way the site is ran and the members that are there and pretty chill. I love the facted that they have the option for us to make a regs a mod to help us out. I do check for my payout and it takes only a few days but I did just...
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    I worked for Livejasmin for a while

    I worked for Livejasmin for a while, but I didn't like it.. The only tip I can give you (that worked for me, sorta) is to tease alot and move around.. I got a shitload of freeloaders in my room at LJ though, and once I lost the "new girl"-tag, most of my room disappeared as well. They also...
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    People aren't always going to be willing to pay you without getting to at least know you a little more. A lot of guys who visit cam sites aren't all horndogs that just want to see the kitty cat..about 90% of them are the type of guys that want someone genuine so they know you're worth the money...
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    So I went onto this site today bc I had earnings I never been paid.. (tip out $100) .. I was on for about 3-4 hrs today and I didnt earn ONE PENNY.. too many people wanted to talk without paying. What kind of tips can you give me for geting into privates?? Im actually willing to deactive my...
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    Multiple Streamate Accounts

    Hope I don't start to ramble on so someone stop me if I do. I would like feedback from anyone who has more than one active streamate account. Most likely these would be anyone who has a personal account and maybe a second or third couples/group account. Was it easy to set up the secondary...
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    I am a new clips4sale user.

    I am a new clips4sale user. I am completely in love with this site. i try to add 4 to 5 clips a week. This is not a problem for me because I have so many videos, and am always making new ones..not to mention adding customs. It is truly a ton of fun! I recommend it highly to everyone!