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    Maybe it's your subjects you are choosing? You might not have found your unique niche. This will be different for everyone. Some are way more profitable than others but you need to find one that fits your personality. I've been switching to mostly domme themes and mine are selling better, plus I...
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    Chaturbate micsim030690

    i want know reviews on Chaturbate? because I would like to put you back on Chaturbate since I can no longer on Cam4 ! is not as good as years ago? when I was there it was very good in 2017 for 2 years never problem and i want disactivate Appear on network sites as option on Chaturbate for not...
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    Please recommend me site with CosmoPayment

    She can just check on sites here at Reviews.
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    Best Corona Client Stories

    well, not funny but the other day I had a client on a 40+ minutes skype call crying because he's stuck alone in a foreign country and can't go back to his country where all of his family is because lockdown. He eventually ran out of SkyPrivate credits, the call ended abruptly and I felt so bad I...
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    Best Low Budget Laptop For Camming

    you wont do way better getting a low budget desktop pc - desktop pc have always more power then a laptop. and they are cheaper .. so for the same money you get more power. also chromebooks uses ChromeOS - not windows or macOS - so its like a tablet .. i dont know if you can make works all Cam...
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    Adultwork Specials aaaggrrrrhhh!

    Yessssss, i have noticed that same thing. Youre not stupid, its not just you, its happening to everyone. Support never admits to shit so dont let them convince you its all in your mind.
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    Traffic for StripChat

    I would also love to know this!? Diva gets you viewers but doesn’t seem to translate into actual tips!
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    Any mums on here? Need advice!!

    I'm a mother and I make videos and cam, I wear wigs for shows and videos, and my videos are not hard core and always alone, this somehow makes me feel more like an artist than a sex worker and I don't see anything wrong with it . I don't have much time for cam shows, which is why I started...
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    Learning how to cope with Mental Illness and Anxiety while self-isolating.

    You shoud go doctor and get medicines if you have bipolar. Treatment it healp. I had depresion, i went doctor, use I use prescribed medications, and my mood it is much better. You not have real problems, sometimes in life is much more problems when being lonely.
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    Newbie Feeling Discouraged!

    Hours,hours,hours you must put in tokens sites a bunch of hours online especially in the begin minimal 8-10 pro day for 4, 5 months...I know is not easy but is a key ...those sites are very challenging,and keep always the same schedule...I wouldn´t focus that much on pm (just for tippers the...
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    Start a conversation

    Hey don't think of it as talking to yourself think of it as your talking to your next toy that's what used to kinda help me lol hope that helps