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    Prints, Calendars, Etc.

    Hi!! Im wanting to get prints, posters, calendars, etc but most of the content will be adult, nothing too crazy but still not something i can print at walgreens! Any suggestions on where to go? Thanks
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    IWC Daily pay through Boleyn Models Question

    Is it actually daily through Boleyn Models or does the 8 days after transaction rule still apply?
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    Drop in AW Traffic!

    Hey folks For those who work via AdultWork, have you noticed a drop in the amount of visitors to your profile, cam etc. It seems to be worse since the new data laws came in and US profiles were removed? I've noticed a big drop in the amount of visitors to my profile, on cam and phone and it's...
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    Best tactic to get big tips in a short period of time?

    What's your best method/tactic to make almost all viewers tip you? Is that teasing, being full naked or something else? Share your experiences, best ways to make so much in a short period of time (like 2 hours)
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    Not sure what to do

    So I haven't cammed in a long time due to an ongoing battle with depression and anxiety but im finally getting help and feeling really good and for the past month a forefront thought in my mind is getting back in front of the camera, but now im unsure as to if i want to hop back on one of the...
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    Cosmo payment - secondary balance issue

    Hi, anyone had problem with cosmopayment that payment for no reason were hold on secondary balance and couldn't be sent on card?
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    Sooo, I'm on Chaturbate, but EVERYONE seems to be naked for free.....

    This is really annoying and it's hard to make tips when everyone is giving up the goods for practically nothing. Does anyone know of any sites where there are strict rules for being nude in free chats??
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    XHamster live?

    Has anyone tried and had luck with the new xHamster camming service? It looks promising, they have most of the same features of CB as well as the option to sell/advertise your videos in a banner while you are streaming. They reached out to me on twitter about it so I'm assuming they must not be...
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    How much to charge to appear non-nude femdom videos?

    I’ve asked a well-established studio about appearing in their videos. They seem interested but are asking how much I charge. The problem is I haven’t done this before so have no idea what to say. I’ve produced videos which I’ve sold myself but what are normal rates for this this type of thing?
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    Anyone girl from lower michigan / Indiana want to cam with me

    I have been looking for a local girl to cam with me part time on Chaturbate , maybe every Friday with no luck ..please let me know we would spilt the money we earn thanks
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    Sites That Do Make Money

    So I thought with this being the end of the year it would be awesome to have an open discussion about what sites ACTUALLY made money. Now you do not have to reveal how much you made but it would be helpful to have some form of a guide. Here is mine: 10K and above NiteFlirt Chaturbate
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    Tippers who pretend they have a gf

    Iam not paid to judge, I am paid to explore the fantasy. If it makes them feel good to discuss the fictional wife/girlfriend/lover/whoever with me and pretend they haven't been a member on the site since '97, ok I am ready.
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    Shooting video in the shower

    Can you zoom in and put the camera in the back somewhere? Also use more lukewarm water than hot and adjust the contrast if you can. Keep the door open as well to have the air breath around.
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    Are private shows worth it?

    raise your private per minute rate sky high and set a minimum token amount. Maybe test out the waters by making it a limited time offer and see what happens. worst case scenario nobody bites. best case, you have a token minimum met just for accepting it. some guys want a specific kind of show...
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    Regulars vs new tippers?

    IMO I usually try to focus equally on my Regular members who tip and New members who tip. The key word is TIP. These are the members that understand why you are there, to make income. Some, but not all, conversationalists are TW. I notice if you direct them at least 2 different times to tip for...
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    Question (Trigger Warning)

    I have always been sexual, even before I knew it was "sex" - I know that sounds odd, but when I was pretty young I discovered that if I squeezed my legs together, I would have orgasm after orgasm. Well, it is pretty difficult to control since it felt so good, and I was SO young (elementary...
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    Content stealing sites that ignores DMCA

    Camshowhun you can contact your camsite and they gonna remove.. I contacted CB, bonga Also can and mfc also.
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    How do Cougars do Phone Sex? How do I talk like one?

    Do you have friends that know you do phone sex? or if you dont ask someone from here to help you with voice matching for your characters. As for what to talk about, thats character development and small talk. What are her hobbies? Is she single? where is she from? Is she a closeted lesbian? Does...
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    Niteflirt And Others...

    A trick I learned on NF is to keep your availability on and just change your rate to something extremely high. Also cancel your bidding so you’re not wasting money. That way you usually won’t be bothered by the majority of callers, and if someone does happen to still call well then you’ve made...
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    One month in..

    Welcome to the site. Sounds like your new model period is over, happens to the best of us. Are you using the encoder? Have you tried do goldshows? Even if you don't hit goal it still boosts your placement. Holidays are coming up, maybe you could try doing a raffle.