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    How do you spend Christmas?

    I will be working but even though i prepared for guests, just in case someone shows up at my door i am prepared.
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    Do you have a friend / children / family / husband? How does he tolerate it?

    Hello, my husband know about that but we do not talk about my work, because he never accept it. Anyway thats me, so he needed to support me. And he did but he said that is better to i work on cam when he is not at home, so i work when he is sleeping or he is at work. I also have dauther so for...
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    What about your girlfriends? Does he know about your work? Do you have any?

    None of my female friends know what I do. Two males know what I do but one of them had a big mouth and told someone. So I am not gonna tell anyone else.
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    Do you do special days every day, like in the movie Cam?

    If you have a lot traffic I think that works. But if you do a special show and no one come is boring. I tried twice and both failed.. I never will try it again.
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    Pregnant help

    I mean I am not a woman and definitely can never feel how sensitive pregnancy is. I wish you have a safe and smooth one. And I understand every pregnant woman and her new born have essential needs. But I still can't fathom the necessity of "Ray-Ban" sunglasses and "C-K" lingerie. Plus, as far as...
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    New Camera - How to Review?

    ty for the review,. u can also make reviews on youtube u dont have to show face only can do unboxing recording hands and product ,. u will get a lot of views How much the TENVEO costs?
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    Your fetishes?

    I have a few things I really enjoy sexually. I'm not sure if they're fetishes though. I am OBSESSED with nylons and stockings. I love the way they feel and everything about them. It never really crossed my mind that it might be a fetish until a few guys pointed out that I wear them a lot. Then...
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    what makes u go up on streamatre ranking nowdays?

    probably a combination of these things..
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    out of work and so depressed

    Sorry to hear what you said - I hope it improves for you soon, stay strong