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    First FULL year of just being an e-whore and it's just dawned on me...

    So... Do we have to pay Taxes quarterly with these sites that give us 1099 forms? If so I haven't been doing so and will have to do a payment plan becauseeee it's been a wild first full year of solely e-whoring and every month I've been making enough to get my necessities. My first 2 years in...
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    Playfair Basics on Nitelfirt (NF) Concerning Race Play Question

    This is not a call out or judgy post, just honestly curious question... In NiteFlirt playfair basics it says no use of Racial slurs... Is that only on your listing in words? Or is that in your content period? I know there have to be girls doing race play on there lol. Black on White, White on...
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    what's the most you've made in one day? $$$

    what's ur personal record in one day? $$$
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    Direct Streamate Daily Pay?

    LAME! That's like ImLive. They have daily pay but until you set up your payment options you have no idea that it is only available to you if choose to be paid in some off the wall cryoto currency.
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    How do you come up with video ideas?

    I get inspired lately by specific scene movies i like. Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct, just an example. Take that scene and add something (or take away). A video of a song you like a lot or a photo shooting from various artists, there are plenty of photographers work online. I enjoy a lot the...
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    beyzam tested

    I confess that I don't understand Beyzam's process at all. They allow their cam models put up photos of movie stars such as Hallie Berry and Megan Fox. Then in English they talk about watching out for fake accounts. However, there's no verification at all yet fake accounts could get paid.But, I...
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    How Would this work?.. Taking the indie Route

    Well personally i have a few different customers who love phone (and by phone i mean a skype audio call) but it's not common. I personally wouldn't hand out free minutes. make them pay. You can set up a specific listing on unblur/iB for phone through skype and just accept them that way...
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    Phone Sex Question PPM Vs. Flat Rate Package Pricing

    Do what you feel comfortable doing when it comes to pricing because at the end of the day it has to make sense for you. For me my flat rate is cheaper per min, the higher the package the cheaper per min it gets, anywhere from 5-15% cheaper. My goal is not for them to buy the flat rate, its for...
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    Newbie - Pvt Q's - CamSoda

    You can try this: Before accepting a private verify what the user is actually looking for and state what you are willing to do or at least what you do not do in private. Send out or notification or clarify in your bio what potential paying members can expect from you. Also try to seldom give out...
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    Is that on SM? I've heard that they're having technical issues.
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    Skype Kik sex forum

    yes there are such sites where bunch of skype id usernames are posted daily,. and kik or snapchat usernames,,. instagram and other apps,. but mostly freeloaders and beggers post their skype ids hoping to get a call from a girl and see her naked lol,. they have no idea that many girls get paid...
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    Is it possible to tame a horny beast? Pre-Booked Skype shows?

    have a website, get your paymentprovider, link on your site to your show (for payment), Booking: - at least 24h in advanced, - via mail with Date/time/outfit/theme/what kind of show, - payment in general in advance, - you confirm their mail with the dates via mail including your skype name. - 5...
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    Sudden decrease in CB traffic-anyone had it turn around?

    i've been told bye a collegue of mine still on CB (I left long time ago , cause off the inconsistency of the following of rules, seems like some girls get reported for nothing (like me,not even using a toy that is 'to big'), but others using HUGE toys and get away with it, thats just 1 example...
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    Facebook And Potential Clients

    Actually, the answer to your question is more complex. No, Facebook is not great to find cam site customers on because they tend to be more into indie stuff anyways. Yes, you can find clients for adult industry things such as skype shows, stripper shows, panty sales, virtual escorting, and...