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    Suggest you hang with a site, and at reg times. I'm a believer in PPM sites like SM, but yes, there are times when a bunch of jerks try to takeover my room.........try to be assertive, call them out! If impossible, log off, and come back in a short while.......remember, your in charge! I'll...
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    having issues with the new skype

    There have been some glitches on Skype lately. I don't use it for video calls but for messages only with relatives and friends. Notifications are frequently not displayed. Since this doesn't affect me that much, I only let it be fixed by itself.
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    About quitting tokens site

    Ii see two issues here, token sites vs PPM sites and set times camming, regardless of the site. I try to cam ona reg schedule, though only about twos hrs per nite. I'm not a fan of of token sites, as in my experience, they attract the cheap dudes......who think their tokens are worth far more...
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    Working multiple sites

    you need splitcam software (like splitcam/ManyCam/etc) because a windows computer can assign the image of your webcam only to one streamingsoftware simultaneously. So if you stream on Camsite A and start the software for Camsite B, B says the cam is already in use. Splicamsoftware takes you...
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    Streamate rant

    So, today I woke up with a 1 star rating and a negative comment on my wall. From a customer who just stayed for less than 2 minutes... Streamate rates sistme must be changed, how is possible that a person who only stayed FOR LESS THAN 2 MINUTES can really rate what I do on my show? And oh I...
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    Pole dancing- good poles?

    Yeah, some guys love to see us on a pole. of the pole is important! I would only use a pole that is securely attached to the with screws. I'm personally leery of compression type poles....... Wish I had more room for a permanent pole, and an ok to attach it...
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    Cam 4 or something different ?

    Cam4 do not offer CosmoPayment, but is not bad site. Sometimes is really slowly but everyday is difference
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    Myfreecams Mobile

    I didn't even think it was possible to send a tip via the mobile app, he must really like you because the features of that app are highly hidden. If you got 2 hours maybe you figure out how to go private or if you put a link in your profile outside of that no.