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    Fake tip?! On my third day!

    Help! So I was tipped 50 tokens in a private PM on CB this morning to take my shorts off... but when I look at my token total & history now nothing is there? Did someone do a fake tip or have I been spoofed somehow? I’m pretty unhappy
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    first off hi i'm new here and new to camming. I have been camming for about a month now. the first paycheck was good for me, $440, then i got sick, my schedule (sleep and waking up) flipped, i've been working on getting to bed later (was originally 6pm and awake at 3am.. not good hours). but now...
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    Pricing info

    Hi I’m new and not sure what i should be priced for private and exclusive on Streamate. Also I’m 51 so that would be a factor I’m sure. Can you please share your pricing for these? Thank you
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    Post-op trans girl... finding my niche

    Hey all, I'm a fairly femme-presenting post-op trans girl, trying to start up in the cam world. Presently using cb, and have been for a couple of weeks. I try and do 3-4 hours most days, UK evenings, or afternoons where that's not possible. Typically I'm making less than 10usd per show, with 25...
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    Best site and hours for camboys

    Ive been camming for about a week, im having trouble getting tipping customers so im wondering if theres a good site for camboys and if theres a good time frame to perform. Also any tips to excite fans and encorage them to tip.
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    How can I to charge for guys want open your webcam to me?

    Hey girls! How can I to charge for guys want open your webcam to me?? I need tips about it... because, I was thinked only Models can appears in Cam....
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    Are you going to do your 1º broadcast today? Let's exchange Experiences HERE!

    Hey beautiful girls from all over the world! I created this official topic so that all of us who are going to do our first broadcast today, we can share experiences of how it went! Telling everything, detail by detail, vent something of its insecurity, reveal something funny that happened...
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    The Best Site For New Camgirl

    I'm just curious as to which site is best for extreme newbies? Did you make okay money on it?
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    Best times to perform

    Hi Girls can anyone best advise me of when the best times to perform are please, based in Uk but happy to do any times of day or night if it means getting bigger audience from US say for example. Thanking you all for your help xxx
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    Diving in vs setting up clubs and galleries

    Hello everyone I feel I am focusing perhaps too much on having everything perfect before doing my first show. I'm a complete newbie and starting from the ground up and I keep asking myself if I should just jump right in and add stuff as I can instead of making myself a platform with Fan clubs...
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    What is your best strategy of traffic/Marketing qualified to your Room?

    How do you get guys to your room? Let's talk about traffic strategies and share the best strategies all we know to help improve all us! I start... 1. I think enter in a lot Room of girls and to send a Private Message to the best tippers (Ranking) to invite my Room, it is a interesting idea...
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    GLOSSARY/DICTIONARY of a CamGirl Beginner!...

    My native language is not English. But I'm in constant learning. So I need learn a english terms I saw in CamSites... It's going to be easy for you to help me, because I'm sure it's pretty silly terms that I don't know. 1. What would be "PM"? I think it's "private message," right? 2. "Pv"...
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    Please, I need Tips of security for CamGirls beginers in Financial Domination!

    Hi there! I realy started as CamGirl less than a week ago... And a choise to be a Findom. I need tips of security about that universe Findom, because I am a beginer in all this world... Yesterday a guy asked me if I know to use the TeamViewer software, for I to use his PC for to buy things in...
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    Are lovesense / ohmibod / bluetooth toys worth the investment?

    Title says it all. What have peoples experiences been with bluetooth/interactive toys? They're quite expensive. How well do they last, what problems have you come up against, do you think I can break even on the investment of buying one easily or would it take a while? Thanks, Gummi
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    New Pixxxie LOVING all this info!

    I am new here and love the content and group here! I finally decided to join and say hello!
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    What 1 token in Chaturbate is in Dollar?

    How many tokens (chaturbate) do I need to have $ 3000 dollar? and... How much tokens Can I do withdraw in Bitcoins in Chaturbate??
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    New Pixxxie LOVING all this info!

    I am new here and love the content and group here! I finally decided to join and say hello!
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    (On Chaturbate) Is it worth it to accept private shows when you're getting established?

    I had a serious offer for a private on my second ever stream, but I didn't think I was up for it, and it was after my public cumshow ended. I got up to 1k viewers on my first stream, and peaked around 200 on my second (averaged around 140 over 3 hours), which was two days later, and I didn't use...
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    Hidden payments? Risking daughters custody

    I am new here and I would like to get some advice I have never worked doing webcam, but I really want to do it now as I need some extra money and the flexibility of doing it from home might work very well with my personal situation (I have a daytime job and a kid to look after) I have a 5 years...
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    Benefits of camming (apart from money!

    Hi everyone!! I’ve only been camming for a week now and I’m really enjoying it so far. I’ve had a few disheartening sessions where no one has tipped but also some really lucky, exciting ones. But I got thinking about some other benefits: I’ve noticed it’s helping me A LOT with body confidence...