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    Sextpanther pay!

    Hi beautiful! I was wondering if any of you ever got a check from SextPanther. I sent my W8 but I noticed they needed my SIN... I'm a little bit scared that this will get shown if somebody does a credit check on me. I work for Chaturbate and they never asked for it so... how is it for you? Is...
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    No free chat required

    I hope I'm posting this in the correction section. I wanted to know which cam sites do not require you to sit in free chat? A lot has changed and I don't want to sign up with any that require you to sit in free chat. I don't mind going to free chat for a bit to chit-chat here and there, but I...
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    Chaturbate affiliate sites

    I still crush it with Chaturbate Affiliate sites but I make way more with Bonga.
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    Couples - Streamate or other non fremium

    Hi there, anyone camming in Streamate (or another site) as a couple, please? Can we share experiences, ideas, tips, etc? I'd be grateful :-)
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    CFNM fantasy

    Okay, I am totally clueless about this one. I will appreciate if someone can explain what this is about.
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    Anal Toy Question

    I have a guy who says he likes to watch my "asshole do things". I'm pretty sure I know where he's going, ultimately, but for right now he wants to watch me push things out. I tried a plug, but I didn't have much luck. I'm stuck. What can I stick up there that I can expel somewhat easily? I don't...
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    Findom and TeamViewer

    Anyone here experienced with FinDom? And have you ever used Teamviewer on a paypig? And if so any advice? This is very new to me, so I'm trying to research it as much as possible first. Thanks everyone!!
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    Free Class/Discussion on Kik about becoming Independent

    I am planning on hosting a class/discussion in a private KIK group about being an independent camgirl in about 10-14 days. The group holds 50 members and it is first come first serve. You must message me @faithripae to get added and if you leave the group you need to message me again to be...
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    Is Anyone Doing Voyeur Cams?

    I have been wanting to start a voyeur cam(I'm having cctv put up in my cam room) and wanted to know if anyone had tried any sites that do this? I am only in my cam room during the day and it looks like a bedroom; so luckily nothing super private would be shared. I figured it may be good...
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    Signing up for Niteflirt

    Hello...I clicked 'Become a flirt'... registered email address and name...and now I need to enter a credit card number???? Please, help, is that normal??
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    Camsite with hourly pay!

    is not much but it helps! I know a lot of us sometimes are online to make a whole $0 lol so $2 per hour online is better than nothing right? well,this is not for top earners,because it doesnt make any difference,but i know about girls who are struggling and I know everything helps right? the...
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    Account blocked from Skype..

    Apparently my Microsoft account was blocked and I'm not longer able to sign into Skype anymore. It was a very new account and I've literally only done 2 shows so far on it. My avatar was't showing any nudity - so there must be some algorithms which actually parses chat texts or even video...
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    Forum of people who record / record privates

    live violet and houswives hd ,com put your name in and you will be there, its so sad i have 4 or 5 they have recorded of me while i didnt know i got really sad for a while.. still so sad ( not tryng to put links up i dont kno are good or not but im sure you guys can find em
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    Red flags

    Well, Yes. I consider this a red flag. Block him because he might become a stalker and that is the last thing you need in this business. Be safe.
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    Custom video pricing

    Humiliation is one thing I'm uncomfortable with, so just won't do.........but 40$ for 10mins sounds ok. Good luck!
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    Best Logitech webcam?

    I'm using a Logitech C930e and I'm pretty happy with it. It's actually on sale on Amazon right now. I guess the next step up would be the Logitech Brio which supports UHD (assuming you have the bandwidth and the sites you use even support it) which is right at the $200 mark. There are some good...
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    PPM / Private only sites

    if you use ppm on SkyPrivate, chargebacks are protected. NiteFlirt is also not bad sometimes.
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    Sharing About yourself

    Question: Where are you from? Answer: The internet. Question: How old are you? Answer: It's rude to ask a lady that. Question: Do you know where ____ is? Answer: Nope Question: What is/Do you/Who was/Can you..... etc. Answer: I'll answer your questions in private (change the wording if you want...
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    Frustrated - unsure what to do next

    Hi honey, first of all, don't take wrong what I'm about to tell you, sorry if it is not sugarcoated but english is not my native language so I may sound hard but really I don't mean it. I think you've already made up your mind. If you're here asking our advices, then you are not able to make...
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    Myfreecams - Lush2 help

    You have to download the Lovense Extension off the Lovense site. It opens just like a web browser & you turn on the extension in the top right corner & then it will let you choose your settings/camsite. You also will need to be connected to the Connect App on your phone as well as have your...