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    streamate rules questions

    I work on streamate and I announce on twitter all the time when I am working a different site. Streamate even follows me and has not said a thing. I don't think they will say anything about it.
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    streamate rules questions

    so, im currently a model on streamate and i am happy that i started off on that website and it taught me a lot but i am also really really burnt out on it and want to start spending more time on chaturbate and cam4. i have a few tumblogs and a twitter and i dont know if i can get in trouble with...
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    Streamate Broadcaster or External Encoder?

    Ive bee away from camming for a while now and i just came back. Yestarday i was online and I tried SM Broadcaster and the Encoder. While i was using Sm Broadcaster i had a few issues. Can i still log in with the Encoder? Or is it gonna fuck up my placement?
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    Does this sound like im being scamned?

    Hi guys. I’ve been camming about a month now on MFC. Last week I finally decided to set up a twitter account. I got a DM yesterday from someone asking if I’d do an hour show for $400. I wasn’t too confident it was true.... but I figured the money would at least be worth checking it out. We set...
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    where do I start?

    I dunno girls. I have been battling this back and forth since I have started camming. I am new to this and truly love my job. before camming I did a lot of streaming. I was a pretty popular streamer. I decided to leave streaming because they were all so fucking toxic (excuse my mouth)and...
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    Question about Giveaways...

    I used to do a monthly giveaway on MFC. I downloaded a free raffle software that would save the names each time i added them and that i could delete the list and start fresh after the winner was drawn. The software also, when it was time, would pick a winner of random so the contest was fair. I...
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    Question about Giveaways...

    I am new to camming started in August. I have yet to ever do a giveaway. I am not sure what to offer or if giveaways even are a good idea. I have been doing so much research lately on ways that I can boost traffic. I have seen many articles that have claimed Giveaways helped boost them. Have any...
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    Does anybody know about xHamsterlive? How well do they pay?

    Can't go on Chaturbate. Am a couple, so no MFC, and Streammate was SO slow, and a huge chunk of dollas. Any other Cam girls have advice for other websites?
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    I worked under xHamsterlive section for a while

    I worked under xHamsterlive section for a while. It's good as long as you don't mind rude users, tokens being refunded to users without any questions asked, and having to ban people over and over within 30 seconds of the first ban because all they need is a new username to come back in. I...
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    Are xHamsterlive any good?

    I'm a new male cam model and i'm looking at the best site to go with. I've previously used xhamster for my porn needs and clicked on their looking for webcam model link. I sent them the documents to sign up but i just wanted to know if anyone has experience of being a paid model on the site?
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    How do you get ready for shows?

    Lots of stretching, set up a playlist that has of sexy/silly/highly requested songs, eat something light with lots of protein beforehand, research popular topics to discuss with clients, and the very last 5 minutes I browse other Model's rooms to see what kinda of vibe/ competition I might have...
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    How do you get ready for shows?

    Was just wondering how everyone else gets ready for their shows? Not the technical stuff, more so how you get in the mindset prior to going online. Thanks for any responses!
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    VVchat /meet me live

    Hi girls just wanted to tell you about my experience with registering with VV chat / meet me live. I registered with them and can’t remember which information was required Cos I’ve registered with a few lately. But on registering I got a whats app message from them. Which at first I was...
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    Motivation tips and tricks

    It does not take much for me to get motivation going to get on. I love flurting and being sexy. I have always had to watch myself when I flirt in real life because I have a habit of flirting with someone and 90% of the time it leads to sex. Not good when you are married right. When I work I can...
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    Motivation tips and tricks

    Besides the money side of the job what motivates you to actually fire up the camera and get on your grind?? I actually think that I would be on more if it was me by myself but I've gotta keep the hubby's mood in mind too Smiley ;). Do you ladies/gents have a routine? Maybe a ritual that you do...
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    A Site With Paying Traffic For Cam Models

    I've actually recently started webcam but I've been on this website called Celeb.Tv. It's more like video chat and sexting and I've made on several occasions over $1,000 within an hour time period. It's more personal than webcam and harder for trolls to steal your content. I didn't even have a...
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    Back on manyvids, should I go Girl or Trans?

    Have you considered getting a Mistress or a drag mother? This is what they are for. To guide you. Considering you had surgery to be trans - You should be trans. Why go through all the pain of surgery for nothing? Lying is the reason sites wouldn't allow trans people on their platforms in the...
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    Chaturbate Mod ruining my shows

    I have had some interesting stuff happen with a mod on chaturbate. He was ruining my shows, calling my followers and viewers freeloaders, and douche bags, telling me to shut my show off. He kept pming non stop telling me I was doing everything wrong, etc,. He actually made the entire room feel...
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    I sold kik access to a customer and now I regret it

    Contact CB support and tell you want to issue a refund. Anit you like in your 40's or something,how is anyone hitting on you a pedophile? As far as the texting,whats really the problem? The boundary you set was to text him daily for $10, he paid. He is not a douchbag,he is client who asked how...
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    I sold kik access to a customer and now I regret it

    Last night, a customer in my room on CB asked me if he paid me, would I chat with him on kik. I had never sold kik access or any type of texting access before but I figured what the heck. So I said ok, and charged 100 tokens, and explained that I could message him daily for a few minutes per...