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    Can Anyone recommend a adult photographer in NYC? or on the East Coast

    so I am looking for a really good photographer can anyone recommend someone if so please post the link to there site thanks
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    Open about adult entertaining?

    Hmmmm. This topic strikes me as odd. Call me fortunate, I suppose, as I don't feel like I need to hide it. Call me an asshole, I suppose, because even if I felt pressured to hide it, that would give me all the more motivation to excel. I'm not saying that I shove it in people's faces. I'm just...
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    What to do when someone tries to lowball me requesting a custom?

    i know that sounds kind of vague. but i take custom clips on iWantClips so people can choose categories when requesting a clip. some categories are free and some i charge for. foot fetish, shoes, and socks are categories i offer; foot fetish is no extra charge but shoes and socks are $5 extra...
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    Only Verified Members - Our Community

    I am truly seeking advice, or suggestions, on how to go on cam when you just have so much "real world" shit coming at you that all you want to do is "hide"? I don't know if I have ever felt this way, and when I worked a more demanding job, I could focus on it, and let the real world stuff take...
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    Coming Out

    In regards to dating, How long did it take you to "come out" to the other person? Did you tell them on the first date? Second? Perhaps never? Lol. I have a date with this guy on Thursday, and although I'm excited about this date. I'm nervous to tell him what I do. We spoke on the phone for over...
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    That awkward moment...

    When a guy in your regular life has been obsessively asking you out end up posting garbage on Facebook saying "Dudes will spend $50 on a girls premium snapchat who has a deathcard tattoo & says Chris fronzak is daddy af, but wont spend $15 on a presale ticket from a local band.. Then complain...
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    Best Camera/Camcorder for Custom Videos

    Hey guys, What's the best camera or camcorder you are using or know someone is using to shoot custom videos. Not something with interchangeable lens, but something really simple to use that I don't have to worry about the focus or anything and has cinema quality. To shoot at close and medium...
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    Full Time/Long Term Camming

    So I'm still pretty fresh & a little dumb to this industry, but I am growing & really enjoying the freedom. I hold a vanilla job full time & I've been in my vanilla career for 4 years. With seeing how much control & creativity you can have with camming & SW in general, I feel like my career...
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    I keep trying to go to the site to log in but my anti virus keeps popin up that the site has a dangerous threat and it wont let me go to it. I am getting frustrated because I was looking forward to starting my first night on there tonight. So does anyone work for streamray and is it working...
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    Looking for roommate

    looking for roommate for next month. a couple and small dog in LA/Valley. We would prefer to room with other cam or porn peeps since we have faced discrimination with past roommates. Please don't do the "good luck" response, its not helpful. please send me an email at [email protected] if...
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    Seeking former model friends and quitting camming

    Hey! Does anyone know former models, who have successfuly went back to vanilla life? Or maybe you are one? I'm planning to quit camming soon and I could really use some support from someone, who has gone through the same thing. Thanks!
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    Cam Related Funny Pics, Memes & Gifs

    I thought it would be fun if we share the funny cam related images we've found or made. Feel free to add your own!
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    Any coaches out there?

    I am currently in Module IV with Erickson. I'm curious if there are any other coaches out there? What is your niche? How do you find that camming ties into coaching? I'd love to connect!
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    Why is it so difficult to leave camming?

    It can be difficult because camming is so convenient and easy. You just get ready and then turn on your webcam. You really don't have to prepare anything in advance like a speech or a presentation. You don't really need to have a large knowledge base or content. You don't need to write anything...
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    2021 cam site - what should I choose?

    It's hard to tell...I broadcast on Cam4 because of TOS and because it's simply to use...but someone hate it, so idk..
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    A "friend" found out I was doing this

    I am sooo sorry that happened to you. I am not sure you can sue unless she keeps harassing you. You were wise to keep the texts, just in case she starts texting you again. If you told her to stop contacting you and block her number, but she continues to contact you then you could get a...
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    Help! Being Harassed on Facebook

    sound like someone who u may know and knows YOU.. i hate facebook. i been stop using that site. but it dont matter when someone knows you. and attacking you. idk how u can STOP it? i know u annoyed. just email facebook. report the page. so now u family know u cam cause of this?
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    Guy friend from real life in my room and it's... Awesome?

    I do not see any harm in having him as your mod since you guys know each other. As long as you both feel comfortable and he brings a fun attitude; then go for it.
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    What Do You Use To Record Videos On An Apple Macbook?

    I would really love to learn more about split camming software and cameras and programs you use to create videos on an Apple MaCBook. Please share your knowledge about what works best for you? When I search the internet, I am finding it hard to find much information on using a Mac for webcam...
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    Where do you get your music from?

    I assume that we all like to listen to music while we are online. I have a small collection in my computer but sometimes it gets boring to listen to the same tracks over and over. Now I started playing youtube from time to time. What do you do? Do you just put on your favorite radio station...