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    Questions for cammers who started out with a mask, then stopped wearing one.

    Hello. As the title suggests, this is for the mask-wearers who have since stopped wearing a mask on cam. 1) How long did you cam for until you stopped wearing a mask? 2) Did you notice any increase in your earnings? 3) If you could go back in time, would you have kept on the mask? Essentially...
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    CMD dirty tricks on Skype - I quit

    Hello everyone, i`ve heard from other models about Mark browsing the CMD models on skype, but didn`t believe it. Sadly it`s true. Skype profile Sylas Mayhem is actually Mark - the CMD owner. After 3 months trying this profile to get a convo with me about a show on skype, we finally did. The...
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    Old-School Style Introductions

    Hai Ladies & Gents! I've seen a lot of new models here and I'm also happy to see a lot of old faces still here too! I thought I'd just post here and say hello and ask what's new? I also thought, there are so many intro posts these days, and so many new faces, it's hard to keep track sometimes...
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    Streamate traffic.

    How big does your room get usually? I'm asking because my room never gets bigger than 4 to 5 guys. It's really hard for me to get a private going too. In mfc I always have at least 15 no matter what. Is it my connection?
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    The Stupid shit clients say part 7

    New year and Time for part 7 Guess I'll post first MistressKuntHelene Sent: 01-01-2016 To: jumbodont4getg SUBJECT: SISSY FOR YOU Cigar smokin Harley riding bi-sex stud who's also a woman in the making, and I need a big buck black asshole-sadist to help me become more of a woman, hopefully...
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    Do you warn others about the existing information about them on the internet? +cammer crush questions

    First question/main topic: I found a fellow cammer's dating profile where he posts his real first name, his real location (city-precise) and other revealing info. Definitely not an escort. I want to let him know that people can use this information against him, but am embarrassed to admit how I...
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    The Nice Things Clients Say!

    So since there are 5 Threads on the stupid shit Clients say Thought I make a tread with positive things clients say I'll start And I was so Close to blocking this Client lol BigNBeautiful4u has logged on jumbodont4getg: Good Afternoon How are you BigNBeautiful4u: Stressed lol, how are you...
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    Site like this for porn entertainers?

    Hey all, Kinda wondering if anyone knows of a site like this that is more focused on porn, where newbies to that industry can chat, photographers and videographers can do ads and the such. I'm kinda moving away from doing only cam stuff and this site was super helpful when I started, it'd be...
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    What do You do when You're boring on cam ?

    What do You do when You're boring on cam ?
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    Is there anyone else who has started their own SOLO cam site?

    Hi there, very new here and very new to the whole industry - it's been great meeting and talking to you guys. Everyone is so welcoming and helpful, so thank you! I'm in the process of having my own solo site built and I've joined a couple of the larger cam sites to get some experience in the...
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    The Stupid shit clients say part 6

    Time for a part 6
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    naming my blog... HELP!!

    ok so im starting my website and im trying to name my blog.... uhhhhh... any suggestions? i would greatly appreciate it!!
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    Calling all sex workers to be part of an opening minds project about sex industry!

    Hello! I am working on a series of worldwide interviews of camgirls, strippers, masseuses, escorts, camsites members, customers, parents, siblings, partners & friends. To give FINALLY real and honest insights on our jobs, on what we do, and all that comes with it! Basically, I'm making...
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    I was already in the sex industry as a dominatrix when cammed part time

    I was already in the sex industry as a dominatrix when cammed part time - and my goal was to bring my whole business to the internet. I don't want to meet men in real. So I did this. I am far away from my income goal at the moment. But as long as it is growing I don't worry.
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    I would have to do part-time camming

    I would have to do part-time camming because I am juggling both vanilla and adult business ventures in 2016.
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    I have one guest with whom I was very infatuated.

    I never met anyone like him - so intelligent, articulate and into the same filth that I'm into. I've had to reign Myself in around him. Not only is he married but the sheer impossible logistics of it all are daunting. It's easy to fall for a client, they are people and we are's just...
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    Top Camgirl Bloggers

    REALLY thinking bout starting one.. i cam ong enough to do it i think.
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    Want to be interviewed for my blog? [model promotion, 200+ hits daily]

    oo oo me me me! I like your site! *both hands up waving around like a dipstick* I emailed you.
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    So. The small town we live in has found out about our camming activities.

    I was outed at work back in 2008ish. People tend to follow your lead, in person. I had the attitude of "what were YOU doing looking at porn?" and "oh, ofcourse this is where I learned video editing and production - I never lied and listed any schools for that". "this is my private life after...
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    Is it normally this slow in January?

    It seems that things are slow in January from my standpoint as well... I've been a seasonal cam model for about 2 years, so I've noticed a bit of a trend. In my case, I'm slow in December/January on my own, but still expecting the same turnout, lol... I'm not even in the mental space to receive...