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    Calling all Socal Camgirls n Boys :)))))

    Sooo, I've had it, Im soooo ubber done, not meeting any of my fellow co-workers, I'm getting super Jelly of my boyfriend's boogie, he's always chillin with his co-workers n doing fun things, so here I am. what im proposing is let's have a meet up/get together grab drinks, talk work n fun, and...
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    Getting a tattoo; cover it up or not?

    Hey everyone! I'm getting a tattoo in a few months, but I was wondering how to go with that on cam. It's gonna be a custom one and I feel like it can be recognized easily, especially when people know me or have seen a photo of it. Do you guys cover up your tattoos? If so, how?
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    Coming back....

    So I was in county jail for 30 days last fall for a probation violation. I went through some really serious bad shit in there. I have epilepsy, schizoaffective disorder, anxiety and ADHD. My medications were withheld the first week I was there and I was kept in isolation. I went through horrible...
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    Looking For Other Girls to Work & Create Content With | Washington DC Area

    Hey There Ladies! I am currently seeking other attractive females to create content with. Please read list below before replying Smiley ;) -Must be over 18! -FEMALES ONLY -Must be attractive and well-groomed -Be willing to play "submissive" role on camera ;D Any and all limits will be...
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    How has camming positively changed you?

    Hello again! Since you began camming, what positive changes have happened to you? This could apply to anything that is thanks to camming (financial, personal, body-related, and so on). I'll start: I've had two major changes since I began camming last year. One of them is becoming more honest...
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    Violated! Found recordings of my shows through Google

    So my bf googled my camgirl name and told me that he was able to see ALL my shows from different sites compiled at I feel violated, do I have any rights about getting these videos down? Anybody can watch.. It seems they even show private show recordings but I'm way too irate...
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    Hi, last week I recived mail from them that there is brand f*cking new way to payout for european models - payout for request. I was f*cking happy, imedietaly I requested for it and guess what ? I didn't recive my money. Support of Chaturbate are f*cking morans I already speaked with Payoneer...
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    Chaturbate and IP change to US ?

    Hi, did any europe model tried to change ip from europe to usa ? I'm going to try it out because my cam still is in deep shit and I saw big difference in viewers number between europe and usa. Europe top line 1,6k-1,5k, and USA topline 6k-1k, so much more people got in they're rooms USA models...
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    New site stealing content from chaturbaters

    A new site stealing content from chaturbaters
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    A question for fellow squirters!

    How many times are you asked "How long does it take you to squirt?" and how do you reply? I want to be snarky but sometimes they aren't all broke... BUT UGH, if you have to ask...
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    What's the point in knowledge if you don't share it?

    What's the point in knowledge if you don't share it? Collaboration and generosity are what drive innovation and engagement and yet some of my fellow cam models often obsessed with hiding things away Which I can't understand There's no point in knowledge if you don't share it. Value is created...
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    What the hell?

    While broadcasting, a guy enters and tells me he is so hard from watching a video of me. Cams shows you who purchased the ability to watch a video and huh...funny. I see no record of him even after he had the audacity to say he did. UGH. So...either he acquired it from a horrid site with free...
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    What's your cover?

    Hi, if you only cam and make enough money, friends and family might have questions if they don't know what you do. So my question to you all is: What's your cover, what do you say you do for a living? I just recently had to find a cover cause I just quit my job in the store I worked in. And...
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    Questions for cammers who started out with a mask, then stopped wearing one.

    I haven't used a mask before but because I worked in local government, I did have to be careful not to be recognized. Thankfully, the website I use has a feature to block my state. As for Twitter, I NEVER post my face. When I look at the other people streaming, I feel like I don't measure up to...
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    CMD dirty tricks on Skype - I quit

    It is an asshole. Not enought to get a piece of your earnings he want all of your show paid on the site. Impossible - we all know. Go on SkyPrivate then never do this to you. Not enought to fuck your earnings, limit you but this conversation is a time wasting shit itself. Behaves like a 16...
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    Old-School Style Introductions

    Cute idea ! hehe. I skipped to the end then didn't vote quite yet. Name - My name is Ayumi. Hello. Camming since - I started camming 2013 and am now semi-retired. 1 thing about me - I'm a workaholic website builder. What's new - I have 2 new kittens named 'Peeps' and 'Pringles' (There was a...
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    The Stupid shit clients say part 7

    Jaqwon640 has logged on Jaqwon640: Hey bb do u have a big dildo Bill has logged on Bill has logged off andro1907 has logged off tone has logged on tone has logged off Jaqwon640: Is there anyone that can fuck u with the strap on flynsquid01 has logged on nichor2006 has logged on...
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    Do you warn others about the existing information about them on the internet? +cammer crush questions

    Hi, Thanks for sharing all of your thoughts and feelings. I love reading things that are "real". I would go for it, life is too short to not do what you want to do. If it doesn't work out at least you won't spend your time wondering what if.... My question is: do you like the fantasy you have of...
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    The Nice Things Clients Say!

    This is awesome! Bring on the positive! I don't really have anything real great that has happened to me camming yet. But I also don't cam enough to have a bunch of stuff happen sadly. Maybe soon.
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    What do You do when You're boring on cam ?

    I browse the internet in search of interesting articles to read... I love reading and since I like learning other languages, this helps me with my vocabulary in French, Italian, etc.