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    How did you get into this cam game, fellas?

    Was it just out of curiosity or because of a gift you have? I personally had a thing for performing since I was a kid. I'm also a very sexual person. I friend of mine knew I needed some extra cash so he tried to get me to join his studio. Luckily, I had the wits to do my own thing as a newbie a...
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    Sexual Orientation Discrimination because I am a male cam model

    I just don't understand and probably never will on why males models are not welcomed on many web cam sites it just doesn't make any sense for me there is a huge market for male cam models. I just don't understand why we are not welcomed I see like this if we can bring in money who gives a fuck...
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    I am thinking about Changing my category on streamate

    So Cutlery I am in The Bi Male Section on Streamate I am thinking about having model support switching me over to the gay section so I can have more traffic. Curtly I am Ranked 2 or 3 in my section my question is for those male models in the gay section is there more traffic?
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    First of all Chaturbate SUX

    First of all Chaturbate SUX ( Thats just my opinion ) I STARTED on CB 2 years ago and I wasnt bad for a new girl but once I started Streamate I said Fuck CB lolll and you are neww and you came in at the worst tiem of the year. I havnt cam for about 3 weeks because I knew it was gonna be bad...
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    Black male models... Are you finding it difficult to get tips?

    I mentioned this in another thread but I'm having an impossible time getting tips. I've been camming for about a month now and I've only been able to make 3000 tokens (Chaturbate). Outside of a couple regulars (privates) that I've obtained, getting these light blues to tip has been hell. Any...
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    I have been on Chaturbate for 2 years now and I never had problems before, I did research and "shadowban" came up. I went from having 30 viewers in 15 minutes to 3 viewers in 3 hours, could I be shadowbanned? how do I fix it? Please help me.
  7. J

    Streamate is still my prime site

    Streamate is still my prime site, and yes, contests are a pain! Overall, SM delivers ready and paying clients.....
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    Streamate traffic and Promoting

    Hi, ive been camming on Streamate for a little over a month now traffic was good and money was very good. This past week my traffic had fallen and I just have a bunch of lurkers and people asking for freebies. Any tips or advice for staying at the top Ive already had to change sites once and i...
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    webcam site hourly pay? anyone registered here?

    Guaranteed hourly pay for all live streamingm$4.80 Highest % of tokens paid in the industry 80% Earn a % for all models you refer:5% i found this google search... this site really pay?
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    Is LuckyCrush the new eldorado for you too?

    Hey girls! I joined luckycrush last week and I must admit it's a quite easy process. I mean it's the first time for me. I tried doing shows on Chaturbate in the past but never managed to be patient enough to stay. luckycrush is a new concept based on random video chat. You are matched with a...
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    What do you like and dislike about fansites?

    Just making this thread to try and find out what you like and dislike about fansites, no reservations here please be honest Smiley :). Have you tried fan sites? What sites did you try? What did you like and dislike about them?
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    What costumes (Halloween) are allowed in Chaturbate?

    I would like to dress up in a Halloween costume for Chaturbate, but I don't know which one is allowed, for example nurse or angel or bunny girl?I recently heard that a model got banned because she was wearing a school uniform. I would like to know from your experience if you wore costumes and...
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    Someone tried use Featured spot at CammodelDirectory ? Is it worth ??
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    Smconnect Streamate

    Hi, so i stream using smconnect on Streamate and for some reason after every exclusive my bitrate will drop to 0.03 and never go back up unless i stop show and reload my browser. Anyone else having issues like this if so please help!
  15. J

    Myfreecams Tokens

    I logged into my Myfreecams account today and visited the Token Stats page. For the first time I noticed that there are two new categories for tokens. One says Returns Tokens and one says Fines Tokens. What do those new categories mean and why don't we know more? (Or is it just me?? ha)
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    I've been onChaturbate for a couple of years

    I've been on t Chaturbate for a couple of years, I have to say that the inconsistency in banning and rules is one of my biggest beefs. For example I have been banned for fisting on one occasion, the customer was asking about it I said I didn't do it, 4 fingers is as far as I go and I showed him...
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    Sites like Streamate that are not as strict?

    First, I do like Streamate. Now that I'm using a better computer I am making much more money than I was. But I don't like how strict they are with outside communication. I'm newish and need more toys so getting gift cards would be great. Also being able to promote a twitter would be nice. And...
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    microphone stops working randomly on Myfreecams

    yesterday I was working on Mfc and about 20 minutes later my microphone decided to stop working .. i restarted and it was fine but then it did it again has anyone else had this problem before?
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    I just started using Myfreecams

    I just started using Myfreecams (which is super fun imo btw) but yes, I've always charged for my Skype ID. Charging a small amount for access to your ID is an excellent tool to weed out time wasters. The kind that won't pony up the tiny one-time fee will probably be the ones to endlessly...
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    Do you charge for your Skype name on Myfreecams?

    I've been charging 100 tokens for the name only in a attempt to weed out people who are not serious about shows. Now I'm wondering if that is a bad idea, because no one is really interested . I feel like %90 of the people asking just want to talk or want a freebie though. Guys are just asking...