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    Want to be the next model I feature on my site about camming?

    Hey everyone, I run a website called U Camgirl that aims to educate people interested in becoming webcam models. So there are tips and related articles and reviews, and a new category I'm implementing called the Model Spotlight. Jason Wilde was kind enough to tell his story on the site, and...
  2. C models rules - Broadcasting in 2 Streams at Once- suspension/termination

    I was going through the model rules for and notice that they will suspend or terminate you for work multiple sites. Now of course most models these days are working more then one site at one time to make sure they are making their daily targets. Just wondering how do you girls feel...
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    webcam software for broadcasting on multiple sites

    hey I am looking for a webcam software that will allow me to broadcast on multiple sites I curtly have ManyCam pro I don't like it can any recommend other software thanks
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    Ever fallen in love on cam?

    So, I think my niche as a camgirl is offering companionship. These guys are opening up to me like fragile little books and I believe them when they say they are in love with me. No "aw, i luv u, bb." stuff, but like... very serious human beings that have shared all manner of content of their...
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    DMCA attorney?

    Images and recordings from my webcam shows have started to pop up elsewhere on the internet. I've sent proper DMCA notification to two sites; one is ignoring me, the other is harassing me and asking me to send a government-issued ID. (So they'll have proper documentation for their stolen images...
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    Myfreecams payment today

    I get paid from mfc through Payoneer. It always comes almost immediately. Usually before I wake up in the morning. I still haven't gotten my payment yet. It still says processing. Has this happened to anyone else today?
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    So I got DM on twitter today asking if I would like to join, and make content for a Sneezing fetish video store, has anyone heard of this group? or know anything about it at all, please let me know, it looks fun just want to make sure it's legit... thanks! their twitter handle is @SneezyGirls
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    Yet another warning on Amazon Wish Lists and privacy (if you're using a PO Box)

    So, e gift cards are great and I prefer receiving them, but the truth is some guys want to get you tangible gifts, thinking it's more romantic like and such. Now, I'm not talking gifts as payments, just gifts as gifts, the former is a terrible idea as we all know from fake and canceled orders...
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    Questions about ifrends

    so I just started using ifreinds how do I add more photos to my profile also my icon is blank how do I fix that?
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    Clips4sale Down again?

    for some reason I have issues with it a few times a month... seems like it's ok at the moment though I totally thought it was just me having frequent issues. I always think they're gonna get tired of hearing from me.
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    Kinklive Referral link?

    i don't think it works with a link...from what i know,they need to put in the model application that they were referred by you, or e-mail support after they get approved and tell them.
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    Speaking of SoCal...any Western New Yorkers or Canadians feeling social?

    I too would luv to meet other cam girls......I was excited by ur post....but I live in So New England. A hell of a way from Western NYS!
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    The dream is over

    99 cents is too low on any site in my opinion. Only people that charge that are people who don't speak english at all and even they don't charge that low. Many cam girls from what I've seen are 2.99-4.99 on sm especially if you offer many services. What about working on several sites at one...
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    is anyone on Adultwork?

    I've actually been signed up with AdultWork for several years and never really logged in much. A month ago I decided to try and work it a little and see how it goes. When I logged in it said my account had to be verified, which I thought it was since I've had an account on there for a few years...
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    Are there camboys in domination niche?

    For what it is worth, I've seen camgirl doms, but not so many male (though I haven't looked so that doesn't mean much). I have received many dom-oriented requests from subs that want me to be that way with them. Obviously if he is doing it for viewers or money, he will be doing it for guys. I'd...
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    Have you ever had a Crush on...

    I do have a crush on one special man, we do speak everyday and we both have the same kind crush towards each other, I have or I should say We have tried to think of a way to meet up but since he's in the U.S and i'm all the way in Canada it's sort of hard and we are both married but the fantasy...
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    How would you price a video program like these?

    If you market through c4s then you're pretty much stuck with their pricing scheme. The other issue is that the longer the program, the more exorbitant the price. ($1/minute x 10 x 2 x 30) may price you out of the market for some of these cheapskates, $2.99/minute would really be up there. I...
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    How does everyone keep their cam stuff organized?

    For me, I went to Meijer (It's like Walmart, only in the midwest), and I bought myself one of those plastic 3 drawer dressers for like $11. That's where I keep my lingerie, top drawer has the costumes, middle drawer has the night gown ones, and the bottom has the thongs, stockings, gloves, etc...
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    I got fucked over please dont do same mistake

    I totally understand you, we're all trying to make money and sometimes lose common sense for a while. Anyway, I'm replying cause I think that he/she changed the nick - I got same persuasive message and same amount of money offered (pvt credit delivery 1500$) @officialsponser Plus it's the end...
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    i have tried a few shows on Myfreecams

    i have tried a few shows on mfc of not showing nothing at all and it did not work over so well. everyone left my room and i couldn't get back others.