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    Exposing a Chaturbate "customer service" employee

    Hiya! I am sorry that it happend, i know how it feels , and i guess everybody else also. But the law for the protection of data does not alow to record someone without his consent, even if you have informed her, she did not say i guess: oh yes you have my consent for it. But if you would publish...
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    Chaturbate is Not Geoblocking Me

    This sounds like a dumb question, but are you logged in as you do this? Ok sorry, had to ask. I do know that I have tried to C2C with guys before who had my same state and the Geoblocking was working on Chaturbate for at that time. I had to have them go in and unselect those features.
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    What wrong with adultwork jci encoder... ?

    Yes I'm having the same problem, as are many other AW girls. The reason the punters aren't staying is because on their side the cam isn't loading properly, and their free time is up before they get to speak to you. I checked this out with one of my fellow dommes last week, then promptly tweeted...
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    A couple of Streamate models who perform in their cars

    There are a couple of Streamate models who perform in their cars. One regularly does a couples Gold Show, claims to be inviting the horny drivers parked next to her SUV into her car to get a blow job, a 3-some or whatever. It's really quite a spectacle! LOL If you look for her she's never on...
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    Car Camming

    I have done one show from the car, driving around topless, it did well for me on Chaturbate. All I did was use a hot spot signal from my iphone. Or you can buy one of these Prepaid Phones: No Contract Cell Phone Plans | Cricket Wireless It is still considered indecent exposure if you got pulled...
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    A New method of time wasters? for CMD models

    I had exactly the same guy yesterday, he's location was Israel as far as I remember?;-p I got one solution that works best for 'BB guys' asking for preview. ...I just say that I can't because my pimp would kill me for calling him for free lol After that some of them buy a show straightaway...
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    BB! Do you have a BIGGER TOY?

    I usually tell them good luck somewhere else and block, just because I feel if a guy is that pushy after I tell them no, I wouldn't want them as clients. I don't understand why a guy would want to see a woman using a toy she didn't enjoy. Or depending on my mood, I might tell them that I would...