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    New year resolution list when it comes to camming

    Ah! I love the idea of this. I don't have too many cuz I'm new so I guess they're the usual goals... Make my profile on any site I/we are on pretty. Get more regulars to come in and spoil me lol Understand what sites would work for me Have more new experiences on cam Find better angles Find...
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    How do you limit time in Skype shows?

    You just watch the clock and when it gets close you just say "I think your time is almost up." If he says ok, then just finish the time and click the disconnect at the time. If he gets snooty, just remind him that he controls the length of the show by how much time he pays for, not you. If he...
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    Member got my address

    It was your IP address...they can narrow it down to the city you're camming from...and even the block you live in. From there they can search public records to find you or just cruise the neighborhood to catch you out. But if he's told you that he has your address then 9-10 he's already done...
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    Today is my Birthday

    Happy Birthday Paulo & for many more to come along. I know working on your birthday is not the most fun thing to do but look on the bright side you have your health , strength , beautiful kids that love you & a roof under your head. Dont think negative about it , think positive & turn on some...
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    remember, no matter how awesome your connection is, if the person on the other line has a shitty connection than there is nothing you can really do to fix it. i had a skype show and the person on the other end was watching porn off his computer and the skype show, there is nothing i can do about...
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    Camming on x-MAS day have anyone tried it?? how does it goes

    I have tried Xmas specifically, but I've always found a lot of luck camming on other holidays, most recently Halloween. In my experience, other people who for one reason or another also find themselves at home can be particularly generous and empathetic on these days. I'm not sure if Xmas may...
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    Please help! Panicing!

    I think you got out of it already. There's not much else you can do. We all have to learn the Paypal lesson sooner or later. I sold someone content and used Paypal for the transaction. The customer himself warned me on how I word what's being paid for. In my arrogance, I probably put something...
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    Myfreecams Profile help

    My friend may be able to help you - he's v clued up in HTML and CSS and he's v low cost. Drop me a PM and I'll send you his details x
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    Ass zits / Butt acne.

    Salicylic acid is an astringent which is the main ingredient in products like Sea Breeze and some dandruff/itchy scalp shampoos like Denorex. It is usually quite effective for healing and curing most body acne as well as soothing and preventing razor burn in the bikini zone to name a few. The...
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    Does your location affects you?

    oh fuck yeah!! most just wanna chat with USA or UK girls. they need to feel like there's a chance of actually meeting that model..or else they don't give a shit. i lose from the start : if i don't tell them where i live, or tell them it's a secret or i'll tell them later, they leave. if i tell...
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    Do geographical restrictions make a difference on how hard it is to find me?

    Yes. You turn on your geo-blocker, it turns you off to unregistered users. If you have a perv account, you still won't see yourself if you have your own area blocked. If you want to check your cam quality, your .cammodels link works whether you have restrictions or not, but you won't be able...
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    Annoying Neighbors Anyone?

    I live under two mid-twenties stoner guys. I haven't heard any complaints, and I can't imagine they mind too much. Smiley ;) I always wonder what they think when I see them in passing though. I just plan on making them some holiday cookies as a gift for tolerating my barking dogs (and my late...
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    How Often Should You Add Clips in Clips4Sale?

    It doesn't do you good to add a video everyday if you're not selling videos. All that does is put you under the recently added section for maybe 4 days. The last video I added was back in September. Most of the videos that I sell are my older videos. I sold a video today that I added back in...
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    Clips4Sale has been my main income

    Clips4Sale has been my main income for about 2 months now. I usually update everyday at my store with one (or two) videos in two different file formats. If I wasn't doing well then I wouldn't update so frequently but it has worked for me so far.
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    How Often Should You Add Clips in Clips4Sale?

    When you upload a new clip your store gets added to the "recently updated stores" list on the front page. So I would recommend at least once a day, but if you are adding more videos at the same time- schedule them to be a couple of hours between them.