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  1. MalibuBomb

    You recommend any CamSite specific for Financial Domination?

    Are you a findon? Is there a specific CamSite for this type of fetish? Or better CamSite you indicate?
  2. MalibuBomb

    Is there a good site to buy real followers on Instagram?

    Is there a good site to buy real followers on Instagram? What experience can you tell about it? What you think about it? Do you know who do it? Do you do it already?
  3. MalibuBomb

    What criteria I need to have to be accepted in Celeb.TV?

    Any here was accepted in Celeb.TV camsite?? That is a camsite of Models Celebs, that is, famous. I'am building my FanClub like Model, and I would love to be able to be accepted on Celeb.TV in the future!! What criteria specific in a media social I need to have to be accepted in Celeb.TV? Do...
  4. MalibuBomb

    Do you use the same nickname for all CamSites?

    Do you use the same nickname for all CamSites? Or do you make some variation? What is your opinion about this? Would it be some kind of security/privacy anyway measure to use different nicknames on different CamSites or is it silly? What do you think about it??
  5. MalibuBomb


    Hey guy's so I'm new to camming, new here & have just ordered my first lush I didn't order the usb part did I need too or will it work threw my phone? And any tips please?!
  6. MalibuBomb

    Notes to keep track of conversation history/fetish of customers

    I am a newbie, and I started to use chaturbate. I keep text files with customer nicknames to remember their sex fetish/previous talk during a private chat. I wonder the following. Are there cam girl websites, where I could add the notes about my customers directly on the website and retrieve...
  7. MalibuBomb

    My personal Instagram is being included in nude groups

    I have 2 Instagram's, one of Model Cam and other of my Personal life. I don't know how... but, someone add my Personal Instagram in the same list of groups "nude pic" that my Model Instagram is being included too... I don't know how to stop it!! Can you help me about? Has something like this...
  8. MalibuBomb

    How Make Show in a lot CamSites in the same time?

    It's true there are Studios Online to do it? How works? Do you use it? What do you recommend me and why?
  9. MalibuBomb

    What better CamGirl website for earn much fast for begginer?

    Hello girls ! I want know what better camgirl website to make fast money for beginners? Traffic more easy, and minimum rendem low to fast withdraw? I need make money fast in this moment to my life, and withdraw fast, because I am without notebook, it's broken, Smiley :( I need to work with my...
  10. MalibuBomb

    Lost my followers on Chaturbate

    Hi, for those of you that do not already know, I am in a M/s relationship with my Master, I am his slave. He recently wanted me to change my username on chatturbate and all the other cam sites I belong to, to my slave name. By doing this, I lost all my followers on Chatturbate, I had around...
  11. MalibuBomb

    Guests on Streamate?

    I’ve emailed SM already asking this but no response yet. I thought maybe someone here may know. I love SM but the FAQ is very basic, nothing about adding a performer that I could find. I work on SM by myself, but I would like to sell some videos my BF and I made and have him on as a guest maybe...
  12. MalibuBomb

    Wishlists w/Streamate

    Do any girls that work on Streamate have a successful wishlist you use? Streamate doesn’t let us direct customers away to other websites, so I can’t link it in my bio, type or tell customers in chat, message them or give them that info in any way. So when working on Streamate do we just give up...
  13. MalibuBomb

    want to start camming

    I want to start camming but not sure how to start, ive tried before once but I didnt make any money and didnt have anyone visiting my room so I stopped but I would like to try again but not sure how
  14. MalibuBomb

    Tips of security & privacy for CamGirls

    Hey girls! Please, including in checklist above Smiley :) 1. Never repeat the same Photo of your Business Camgirl in your Personal profiles. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER... and NEVER! Okay?! 2. Create a new Address E-mail specific only for create Accounts in CamSites. Never use your personal Adress...
  15. MalibuBomb

    Don't follow any cam models working Streamate accounts from your personal ones

    Don't follow any cam models working Streamate accounts from your personal ones and ask her/him/them not to follow you from their working. Never tell anyone who follows you or who you follow on SM. Never tell anyone your name
  16. MalibuBomb

    (IMPORTANT) Privacy & Security Tips for CamGirl!

    I think that list bellow is interesting for protect your privacy as CamGirl, please feel absolutelly free to add new topics including tips to protect security and privacy in checklist here! I believe if all us share a information that know in this checklist, it will be to help all us! 1. Never...
  17. MalibuBomb

    What's the deal with guys popping in and out of my room

    So last night, I logged on in Streamate around 8pm eastern time on Saturday. For about an hour and a half, all that happened was guys coming in and leaving in 5 seconds. Most not even saying hi. WTF?? Just coming in and leaving. What a waste of a Saturday night.
  18. MalibuBomb

    Need advice please on working while on holiday

    Hello all. I’ve been working cam for the past 2 months here in the UK. I use adultwork site. I’m going on holiday to USA for 2 weeks, and my intention was to do some cam work while there, however, I’ve been warned that due to some new laws, if I try to access AW from USA my account will be...
  19. MalibuBomb

    You work with other thing online or only CamGirl?

    If you work other niche in digital world, share here! Let's share experiences! I see beauty girls ( Digital Influencer ) doing Marketing of Clothes in Instagram or promoving Beauty Companies. I think that a gorgeous way to do a "Image" like a girl work "behaved" for friends and people family to...
  20. MalibuBomb

    Camgirl World saved you of what when you started?

    What situation you're saved when you start camgirl world? What the bigger problem of your life you suffering before start works as CamGirl? Your firts money as CamGirl saved you of....? Sorry the similar asks, because my English is not so good, I think is better understand my question with...