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    LoveNsense for Camboys?

    I hooked up an OhMyBod vibes to activate on tips. It was fun and novel, which always bumps up earnings. Like with the women, the viewers love being in control of you. I only gave it up because the (older) OMB kept losing connection. Recently I have started looking for one of the newer ones but...
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    moving from camming to stripping

    For your body type, I would suggest that you become an go go boy because that profession is more forgiving of your body type. You can make more money as a go go boy.
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    Help! how to be a "dom" camboy?

    There are several advises in the forum for domination... if you are dominant by nature but don't know how to do it on cam... those tips can help you to take your personality out... do a search for domination and you will find the related topics.
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    I'm on a different token site as Chaturbate just didn't work for me.

    I'm on a different token site as Chaturbate just didn't work for me. It doesn't have any apps and bots, but I use multiple goals to reach a final goal with a cumshow as the end result. The lack of apps & bots means I have to manually reset my goal after each one is reached, but it's worth it...
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    Chaturbate business models

    I started my career on Chaturbate but haven't been there in over a year now. I used to use all of their bots and apps to hustle shows. I think having music on, getting up, moving around, flashing a bit, hawking toward tips to reach a goal, etc. It's all a hustle, and an enticement for them to...
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    Straight guy into Gay Cam world - gay 4 pay thoughts

    I am a 'straight' cam guy and, like you, xchris, I found that if I limit my performance to only an audience of women, it can get even more lonely than it already is. I am really new to this so more experienced guys might disagree, but adopting the role of being gay and looking on it as actor who...
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    Camsites for Camboys

    SM has been very good to me for the last 3+ years but then again I promote myself also I am consistent and I advertise to my audience. Most of my clients like dominate men such as myself so it's easy for me. What you should do is sign up for another site like ImLive or livejamz those are also...
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    Finding a niche. Roles in camboys

    There are the roleplays I have seen be pretty popular for male cam models. Cash Masters, Straight guy dominating a gay guy, submissive cock slaves,Leather boys,Jocks, Twinks, Boyfriend experience, Brainwashing/mind control, foot masters, sissy trainers and mindfuck. However, I would just suggest...
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    Newbie looking for promotion tips...

    From my experience, soon your members would like to get to know you better and be closer to you. A good idea is social media. Use Twitter, a personal website, Instagram , Snapchat.
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    Camboy date raffle

    Date raffles for meeting people are not allowed on Cam4
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    A list of good promo teams on twitter who will rt!

    Thank you very much for sharing . As always you give us precious infos.
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    Cam splitting

    How do you do it? And can you do it with cb and mfc? If not which sites can you do it with? I'm still new to all of this
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    Email about sky private and is it legit?

    Hey so I received this email? Is it legit and what is skyprivate? Tia Thank you for your enquiry. We will send full details for you, please read carefully and reply, thank you. We are looking for models ( girls and couples ) to work in our new site for members only. The site operates...
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    Do i need a seperate site

    So im wondering if i need a seperate website. I already have one set up its really pretty I invested alot of time I have had it over a year and i get on average 10 visitors but after a year i still dont have any subscribers.. And i cant lie its getting annoying the disappointment plus i feel...
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    Cam Model Stats Program

    I so wish someone would come up with a stats program that cam models could use to forecast traffic and earnings throughout the year. You could keep up with it everyday and then once you have a years worth of data, you could see if the traffic and earnings pattern are similar to the year before...