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    Streamate works for me

    Streamate works for me....I'm on about two hours ea nite, plus some weekend times. Overall, SM is ok but when there are glitches it's a bad nite! I no longer do GSs.....I hate to sit and beg, I get bored and I think it showed, so I no longer do GSs....but may try again.... Yes, bonus times r...
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    If your a lazy cammodel like me

    If your a lazy model like me, just log off if your getting bored tbh sitting over 10-20 minutes and not getting shows is awful let alone 2 hours? this usually doesn't bring any positive traffic if you look bored/distracted. The guys on sm are adhd, like I said I'm super chatty and just talk sexy...
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    Streamate has good commissions only for affiliates

    Streamate has good commissions only for affiliates 'cause they get more or equal than we earn while SM offers 30-35% to models. This week the comission is approximatively 40-45% due to their holyday bonus and oh boy, it s a big difference.
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    Streamate was my first site

    Streamate was my first site, and still my favourite. But yes, their cut really takes the piss out of me. I had a customer that thought we retain 100% of any Gold tips, while still receiving a small cut of PPM. I wish! Congratulations on that nice tip!
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    Streamate Rates

    I have to say, I love Streamate. I enjoy the pay per minute, and have some wonderful regulars there. However, I just have to vent a little bit, as I was tipped $50 Gold after a private show, which was a lot of fun in itself. Of the $50 gift, I receive $17.50. I wonder if guys know this? I still...
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    Ive been on StripChat for a while now

    Ive been on StripChat for a while now and i rarely see anyone in my room and in all the time ive been on there ive only made 35 tokens
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    Newer Model in Need of Assistance

    I understand the frustration that can happen as a new model on a site. Honestly, you have the right mentality to stick around for a month to feel out if something is working for you or not. I know on Stripchat the BDSM does pretty darn well and there are users that really love it. As a new...
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    Newer Model in Need of Assistance

    (I hope I'm starting this in the right place.) BASICALLY; I am having trouble finding the right audience. My name is Marina and I started camming in November. I'm looking for some advice as to where I should be working on cam. I have used Chaturbate (didn't particularly like it) and MyFreeCams...
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    Im back!

    Perhaps you would like to create a new topic named "needing advise about BBW cam sites" or something like that... so people who read it have an idea what the content is about. I thought this was only a hello from some cam host coming back to business. Good luck dear!
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    Im back!

    Hey everyone! I'm a veteran around here. I was a BBW cam and phone sex entertainer for 10 years. I was good at it and I made a name for myself. However, life happened and I stopped camming for a good 4 years. My regular job just told us today they are closing their doors and my last day is March...
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    Kink Friendly SItes

    im wondering about this also, id like to post some kinky videos for sale, but most sites seem to be against alot of stuff ... recently i was in a private on cb, was not aware that they have ppl viewing our cams but i just said the word "fist" and i was bumped out of my private and account was...
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    Kink Friendly SItes

    Hey all, I'm new to the game, like super green spring grass fresh, you know? I really want to do almost exclusively bondage (and other fetishes like foot, stockings, S/M, etc) on cam. Any advice on the best sites? Currently I have a chaturbate account and a extralunchmoney account. I hear...
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    Streamate clients constantly pushing boundaries!

    I've had a rush of guys asking for things in premium when they should be doing so in excl recently as well. lot of c2c pushers especially (like to the point where I have to block them after their 3rd attempt). try labeling before and not after; because some guys see their kink in a topic and...
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    Streamate clients constantly pushing boundaries!

    This is what my room topic says: Kinks(e.g. CEI, SPH, Ect)Cam2Cam, or name moaning in exclusive Requests like butt, boobs, etc 10 gold But I CONSTANTLY get people trying to get me to do CEI or say their name in premium chat or cam2cam in premium. I ALWAYS stand my ground in prem chat and say...
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    Does Streamate give any first 20 or 30 seconds for free to their members in paid sessions (privates)?

    Hi. I am not sure what IL is, if you mean Imlive, here we say IML. anyway, yes, they both do. If i'm not mistaking, it's 20 for IML and 30 for SM. For this reason i hate them both and don't even bother with them. I don't work for free. I mean i wait in free chat for free...yeah...but once we're...