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    how to turn someone down..?

    I am sorry that you are in a complicated and delicate situation. Yes, I do agree that I don't see how sleeping with her would make her feel comfortable on cam, unless she was wanting a girl/girl show, but it does not seem like that is what she was wanting. Personally, if you don't want to sleep...
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    Selling your tumblr

    I have a special tumblr that serves as the place where I post the content for my "fan club", called Mona's Minions on mfc. Every week I post a 3-5min video clip and every month I upload a high-res picture set. I have 3 tiers of minions (666, 1666, and 2666 tokens) but they all get access to the...
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    LiveJasmin new feature?

    Nothing yet,lol.I had another admin telling me about the same thing but this time with more details...Basically i have to send the a video of minimum 30 seconds where is show my qualities as a host and moderator.They will choose in the end the girls that they want for their new channel,each will...
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    Question about selling videos on Streamate

    hello there! hru? I never tried to sell a video on Streamate (like in Gold Shows, u know?) So i would like to know where u girls upload your videos so i can be safe. Thanks
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    HD encoder/streamate placement

    only advice i can give you is work on another site that your laptop would handle better..
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    For those of you who are dancers as well as cam girls I have a question

    For me, the best thing a bouncer can do is remove people who are dangerous to my working environment. Just making sure things don't get out of hand if there is an issue. Also making sure girls get home ok and don't drive drunk or at least ask them if they are sure they are ok etc. if they seem...
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    Business Plan for Cam Modeling

    I've put some time and thought into this, and started at the beginning of December, when I looked hard at where most of my income has come from, how much I like it, and the potential for growth. Based on those things, I decided to totally quit one business that I had invested a lot of time...
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    MGF WTF?

    Their support team members are some of the worst people I've ever dealt with. They are the most condescending, rude, entitled customer support out there; if support wasn't so bad, then the site would be much more manageable.
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    I've had stalkers before. There's not really any warning signs when you first meet them. They tend to get clingy over time. There are times where I've had an inkling that it could get bad and have to block them then and there. Normally you can get clues that it's getting bad or unhealthy. If...
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    Awkward - when a client gets walked in on by SO

    maybe couples attract couples? idk we do a lot of shows for other couples! once we did a show for a whole platoon like 40 guys and girls that were stationed in Afghanistan. guy hit me up on Skype and said he was a marine and he was deployed and it was his platoon Sargents birthday he wanted to...
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    Business Plan-- used as a Get Healty Plan.. staying fit is good for us.

    That's great. Happy to see your mvV in action! I was thinking of starting up a regular workout routine. i was planning on recording my sessions and making a voyeuristic kind of clip to sell. Not sure how those do, but I guess I will find out. Good luck to you with your working out!
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    BEWARE! New trick from freeloaders!

    Unless you know who the client is and they have already paid don't answer the call, it seems that you can somehow block the group as I have done it before. I freaking hate scammers!
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    Keeping it Positive

    Right there with ya pandora! Of course we all need a place to vent without judgement but I believe it works in reverse too! For me, a newbie to modeling, the negative emotions will come and go but it is like that in everything right? If we smile more, we feel the happy inevitably! So let's get...