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    Cum soaked boxers

    so a customer wants me to make some videos with boxer briefs, cum in them, and mail them to him. Never had a request like this and I'm not sure how to price it. Anyone have suggestions?
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    Looking for moderator

    Hi guys, hi girls, I'm looking for a moderator who wants to help me on Chaturbate or Cam4. If anyone has time you can contact me ... Thank you all!
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    Auction on Loverfans. Scam or legit?

    I have an auction opened at Loverfans and there is a person who has bid a lot of money for a private show for 30 min. This person has bid like more than half a million (644,890 €) It sounds surreal! What do you think? Give me opinions
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    What do you wear?

    Aside from just being naked, what do you wear on cam? Are there any particular outfits, styles, or accessories that you have on hand to address certain niche interests?
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    Best cam sites for men?

    Hello everyone, I am a male webcam model and I am currently on Chaturbate and CameraPrive. I would like to know what other camsites you guys use to make $.
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    Faking cumshots

    Hey Guys. I know the camboy section is pretty dead but this is something that is very camboy specific so... Any guys know how to fake cumshots? after my 2nd or 3rd pvt I literally cant do another cum show without adiquite recovery time. In this area the girls defiantly have us beat in the...
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    Is there such thing as a cock ring Lovesense?

    So I was thinking a Lovesense or some sort of tip-activated vibrating device would be great for my show, but under the conditions that nothing goes in my butt and view of my cock isn't obstructed. Is there any sort of cock ring that responds to tips or a way to rig an existing device to that end?
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    What is the best interactive toy for men?

    I am looking at getting a two-way interactive toy. Any recommendations on the best on the market for men? Anyone have experience with one that you like, dislike?
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    Its new site? Traffic good? They offer paid messages and videochat?
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    Hello everyone! Has anyone tried this site with a success? To be honest I'm starting to think there's something fishy about this site since I didn't receive my first payout. After the suggested 5 days I wrote them, they said to write them again in 2 days again if I still haven't received it and...
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    I unknowingly joined Streamate through a studio

    I unknowingly joined Streamate through a studio (Vivid, not bad, but not worth it!) so I only get 25%. When I began, I had a near-dead laptop, a 3 megapixel HD webcam, no lighting and a very bad internet connection. I was making at least minimum wage not long after I began logging on...
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    Streamate cam be very fickle

    Streamate cam be very fickle at first. I was on there over a year until I started making what I consider good weekly income. Try staying on for four hours minimum and try and work afternoons, thursday through monday. I find those are the best days with the most traffic. Hang in there though...
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    Im a newbie at camming

    Im a newbie at camming, and for so far I have been on LiveJasmin and Streamate, Livejasmin didn;t work for me at all. Streamate on the other hand is going very well. Just be carefull where you sign in, I was redirected from the mainpage (!) of streamate to an Dutch streamate website, which later...
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    I really have had good luck with Camsoda.

    I have been on there goin gon 3 years. This is a site that, because of the privates, you will make money when you log on. Now, how much depends on how much effort you put into it. But once you build up your regs and have yourself established then it gets easier. You have your slow days, but for...
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    Opinions on Streamate

    Streamate is my main site to work and how I pay my bills. You get out what you put in, but SM works for me and I love it there. Everybody is different, but it doesnt hurt to try! I've tried just about every main cam site and SM is my took me a while to start making good money, but...